Red Bear noodles mixed with salt and chili


Red Bear noodles

2 packs

Dried shrimp

30 g

Chili pepper


Chili paste

1 tbs

Cooking oil

1 tbsp

Chopped purple onion, minced garlic

10 g


20 g

Meat balls

30 g


50 g

Fresh shrimp




Scallion (the first portion)

30 g

Fried onion

20 g



Chili sauce

1 cup

white sugar, granulated salt, monosodium glutamate, MSG

1 tsp

Method: Make noodles with spicy chili salt:

Step 1: Put 600ml of water in a pot, add 10g of dried shrimp (softly soaked) and 30g meat balls, then boil the water.
Step 2: When water is boiled, put the noodles in the pot and scald it for 1 – 2 minutes to evenly soften; take out to drain and put in a bowl.
Step 3: After taking out the noodles, continue to put shrimp, beef, the first portion of white onion, egg in the pot one by one.
Step 4: Cook the shrimp until just cooked; followed by dipping beef and the first portion of white onion in boiling water; poach the egg until the white part is done but the yellow part is still soft.
Step 5: Add 30g of chopped scallions to the broth after dipping the ingredients; season to taste; use this as a soup to eat with the noodles with spicy chili salt.
Step 6: Put chili sauce (or ketchup as you like) into the bowl of noodles and mix well.
Step 7: Arrange shrimp, beef, the first portion of white onion, fried oinon and, importantly, chilli salt alternately in the bowl of mixed noodles. Finally put the egg in the center. Squeeze lime on the mixed noodles, mix well and enjoy it.


- When you see that the noodles have just been thawed, stir quickly and take it out immediately.
- To keep the noodles have the firm slightly chewy texture, you can rinse the noodles under cold water and then drain them.
- After that, you can add a little cooking oil in the noodles and mix them well to keep the noodles from sticking together.
- The egg can be poached as instructed or soft-boiled eggs.