Instant porridge

Red Bear porrdige with eggs

First, wash and chop scallions.Pour water into the pot, put it on the stove to boil and pour instant porridge with seasoning packages. Stir well for the porridge seeds to bloom.

Red Bear porridge with vegetables and minced meat

Preliminary processing of raw materials. Chopped green onion, chopped dried onion. Lean meat bought, washed and minced.

Red Bear porridge with chicken and mushrooms

If using boiled chicken, shred it, but if you use a whole piece of chicken breast, boil it and then shred it, use the chicken broth to cook porridge.

Seafood Red Bear porridge

Remove the intestines inside and remove the skin, lightly cuts the ink if you like it to look beautiful.

Red Bear porridge with pumpkin and clam

Pumpkin peeled and diced.Clean clams and soak with a little salt for about 30 minutes then remove the clams to drain.

Red Bear porridge with beef

Marinate beef with soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, pepper and cornstarch for 30 minutes.