Red Bear porridge with chicken and mushrooms


Red Bear Porridge

1 pack

Chicken breast

30 g

Shiitake mushrooms

4 - 5 mushrooms

Cooking oil

½ tsp

Fish sauce

1 tsp

Scallion and cilantro



Step 1: If using a boiled chicken breast, then shred it; but if you use an un-boiled chicken breast, then boil it and shred it; use the chicken broth to cook porridge.

Step 2: Soak shiitake mushrooms to bloom and cut thin.

Step 3: Stir-fry the chicken breast and shiitake mushrooms, put scallion in and stir-fry together and season to taste.

Step 4: Pour the porridge into a pot of boiling water and add the seasoning, stir and cook until being mushy.

Step 5: Pour the fried chicken breast and mushrooms into the porridge pot. Bring the porridge to a boil again, season more to taste.